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Cecil Aldin 1870-1935

Cecil Aldin (1870-1935) was perhaps the most versatile of that group of sporting artists at work in the early decades of the twentieth century, which also included Lionel Edwards, Gilbert Holiday, GD Armour, Snaffles ( Charlie Johnson Payne)

Cecil Aldin was born in Slough but with his family moved to Kensington shortly afterwards. Encouraged by his father a keen amateur artist, he began sketching at a early age and was enrolled in the National Art Training school later the Royal College of Art). He was much influenced by Frank Calderon an inspired teacher who had started a summer school for animal artist in Sussex and who was later to teach Munnings and Edwards. If horses and dogs were is absorbing interest and he painted and drew them throughout his life. Aldin through is personal experience was able to portray not only the hunting field which fascinated all the sporting artist of his generation period but also racing, polo, coaching, coursing, shooting  even golf and cricket.

It was however, in the hunting field that Aldin found his finest subjects, he was Master of the South Berks, and uniquely for a sporting artist, he also carried the horn with harriers, beagles and bassets. His hunting prints both of the actual and fanciful often comic, sporting scenes have always been immensely popular He was a prolific illustrator and there can be few sportsman who have not possessed one of his books or reproductions of his work.

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