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Gilbert Holiday ( 1879-1937)

Gilbert Holiday a consummate draughtsman trained at the Royal Academy Schools. Holiday became perhaps the greatest action painter of the horse in equestrian art. Lionel Edwards his great contemporary, no one can or ever could , depict a horse in motion better than Gilbert did.

First unofficial War Artist, then a gunner in the first Great War. Holiday survived the conflict after many hair-raising escapes. His images of life and death at the front are stamped with the unmistakable hallmark of truth.

Holiday remained cheerful despite all the tragedies of life. After the War he concentrated on depicting every aspect of his sporting scene.

His love of people is obvious and with his sporting interest of all and equine participants. Holiday broke his back in a hunting accident in April 1933 but continued to paint has brilliantly as ever until pneumonia set in and finished him in the early days of 1937.

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