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Herbert Dicksee ( 1862 – 1942 )

Herbert Dicksee was born in London in 1862 into a  intensley artistic family. His grandfather had two sons John Robert Dicksee, Herberts father and Thomas Francis Dicksee. The two brothers married two sisters and both couples had two children who had in turn who became painters.

One of the cousins was Re noted Victoria’s painter, Sir Frank Dicksee who’s success was so great That he was eventually elected president of  the Royal Academy in 1924, Frank Dicksees sister Margaret and Herbert’s sister, Amy were both also successful painters. Herbert Dicksee himself was a painter of animals and Historical genre scenes but was also a etcher and Mezzotint engraver. He studied at the Slade school, later taught drawing at the City of London School and he exhibited his work at the royal academy’s from 1885 – 1904.

His best known work depicted lions and other wild life but he also produced work copied after the great contempary artists including his cousin and Sir John Millias.

Dicksee is also well known today for depictions of dogs all painted from life. Many of the dogs were members of his family and Dicksee himself owned breeds including the Deerhound. Bloodhound , Dandy Dinmount, Pug, Bull terrier and French bulldog. Perhaps Dicksee best known dog picture was titled wheres master. Which was produced following commissions from King Edward V11 to paint his favorite dog a terrier. The terrier better known has Ceaser.

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