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John Freeman was born in Doncaster  in 1942 and gained his National Diploma of Design at DoncaSTER School of Art in 1961 and his Art Teachers Diploma in 1993.  John has produced many commissions for individual patrons And large scale companies such as RCA Ltd , British steel, The RAF, British Coal and many more to numerous to mention.  He is well known for his paintings of the North Yorkshire landscape, and in recent years, working mainly in watercolour since 1982.

“I find the immediacy of watercolour exciting and stimulating. It enables me to combine my love of detail with broad areas where pigment paper and water create their own qualities.” – John Freeman

His most recent works which have received much acclaim have been his series of Nocturne scenes. There seems to be a timeless quality of these works.  An unashamed nostalgia emanates from them , open doors allow the viewer to explore the warm detail of cottage and country life with his Blacksmith shop and potato bagging not mention late chores and jobs carried out.

One of Johns Latest works “ Days End – Manor Farm” published as a Limited Edition print has recently featured on Yorkshire TV and is an extension to his very popular Nocturne series.

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