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Born in Sheffield he was a only child who remembered  his childhood fondly.. Educated at Winteringham Grammar School Johns greatest ambition was to play football was realized when he played first for his local Town in Grimsby then professionally for Torquay.

John who had always had a interest in painting started to paint portraits, Landscapes , seascapes. Struggling to earn a living he returned to his home town of Grimsby where he took a position as a fork truck driver and continued to paint in his spare time. Once his portfolio had grown he held an exhibition in his local library which was a great success. This spurred him to seek someone to promote his work. On seeing a advertisement in a magazine John contacted Sally Mitchell and traveled to meet her with a couple of originals under his arm.

Sally being so impressed with his work bought the originals so began one of the longest partnerships in the business of artist and publisher.

Johns beautiful natural ability and talent to create stunning works of art in unmeasurable. John has always starved to excel. His paintings of Black Labradors were once described by the Shooting Times as some of the finest in the world. His time spent studying scenery and taking photographic reference of his subjects for action and composition coupled with individual self taught ability to paint allowed him to create the most realistic landscapes, seascapes and Country sports also Wildlife paintings. The first painting published of his work was a Springer spaniel in the snow. His publishing portfolio has now expanded to over 300 images of  prints and cards..

Danbury Mint have also published many editions after Johns work throughout his career.

John Tricket lives in Nottinghamshire content with his existence John  prefers not to  sit in the spotlight. He does not see himself has a famous man he just loves to create pictures.

Johns paintings hang in houses  all over the world and his work will always be remembered as a great dog and countryside artist.

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