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Lionel Dalhousie Edwards RI RCA, ( 1878- 1966 )

The son of a doctor Lionel Edwards was born at Clifton, Bristol but his most vivid impressions of his youth were the Welsh hills near Conway. After an unusual upbringing and sporadic periods at school, his art training comprised a time under Sir A.S. Cope RA at Heatherleys and at the Calderon School of Animal Painting. Passionately fond of Riding and Hunting these activities quickly provided the subjects for his sketches and paintings. He was an illustrator for The Country Life and a number of other periodicals, providing his bread and butter, before he started receiving commissions for his pictures. He also illustrated many of his own and other authors books.

Edwards is best known for his paintings of the chase and it is known that he hunted with more than ninety packs of hounds during his lifetime. His masterly of the countryside in all weathers is exceptional his huntsmen, followers, hounds and their quarry naturally populate these scenes. His paintings in racing were few, and a smaller number reproduced in colour by The Sporting Gallery and privately, like many prints of the period the colour would fade and distort resulting in them bearing very little resemblance to the original painting.

Lionel Edwards lived for his work till he died at his Wilshire home in 1966.

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