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Michael Lyne ( 1912 – 1989 )

Born in 1912 in Herefordshire Michael Lyne was a son of a Parson and was a direct descendant of John Bacon RA one of the earliest Member of The Royal Academy.

From Michael Lyne early days wild animals and their haunts were his absorbing preoccupation and when he reach the stage of having a pony of his own hounds and hunting the breath of life.

He started drawing animals at the age of four even completed two illustrated story books at the same time though at the age of twenty six that was when his first book was published.

And it is interesting to note that Michael has hunted  a pack of Beagles for a number of years giving that great opportunities to gain accurate sense of detail so well depicted in his work, like other sporting artist who hunted beagles as per Tom Ivester Lloyd and Lionel Edwards

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