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Mick Cawston (1959 – 2006)

Mick Cawston one of the most expiring artists of his generation. He was a master of anthropomorphic pictures and humorous country scenes . He had excellent understanding of the Countryside and its people who had great admiration for him. His works were comparable to his elder peers as John Emms and Maud Earl and others. He worked equally well in Oils, Water-colours, and Pastels. No matter what type of dog Mick portrayed the likeness of the dog were always excellent.

Many of  Mick’s prints can be seen in Mick Cawston, The published works Vol 1 & 2 published by Sally Mitchell fine Arts and available from WWW. Dog art. com.

He was a finalist five times in the Fine Art Trade guild survey for the top selling artist of the year winning in 1988 and being runner up, shortly before he died. Mick’s death in 2006 was a great shock to everyone . Mick would have been extremely touched to see how many people mourned his passing. He was a very special person and will be greatly missed.

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