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Peter Biegel ( 1913 – 1988 )

Peter Biegel born in 1913 art came naturally to Peter either painting in oils or water-colours or pastels and sketching in pencil. Peter made all works seem effortless.

He was educated at Downside then went into his fathers business in the City. After five years he decided he wanted to study Art seriously and therefore became a student at Lucy Kemp Welchs School of Art at Bushey. As a artist her self Lucy Kemp Welsh was one of the finest at capturing the movement of any equine animal as per many paintings.

After the war Peter spent two terms studying Figure drawings at the Bournemouth School of Art, however after a chance meeting with Lionel Edwards on a train journey this was  the most eventful fortunate could have happened to him.

He was only Lionel Edwards only pupil and with his training Peter Biegel painted many sporting and fine paintings with Racing and Hunting pictures being his main subjects, with a number reproduced as prints.

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